Shopping & Meal Preparation

A balanced, nutritional diet is essential for good health

At React homecare we offer a personal service for food shopping and meal preparation. Whether this be assisting you to the shops, carrying bags and putting the groceries away at home or if our carers go out to the shops without you being present to do either your big weekly shop, or just nipping to the local shop for some bread and milk.

Unfortunately, as we get older it becomes difficult to maintain regular meal times and becomes too much of a struggle to make a healthy nutritious meal so cakes and biscuits become our first choice. All our carers undertake a 5 day training course which includes food hygiene and nutrition these enable us to support you the best we can with knowing what nutrition is required and also differing nutritional requirements whether it be making thickened drinks or monitoring weight change.

 We can arrange to sit down with you and your family to discuss which meals you like and what groceries you would like from shopping which will enable us to make sure we are preparing meals or assisting you to prepare meals you will enjoy.

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It is important we adopt healthy lifestyle habits

As we age, it is important we adopt healthy lifestyle habits to ensure that any extra years of life we may gain are enjoyable and disease-free.

React Homecare offer a wide range of home care services to meet your requirement needs.

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